REVIEW: Sukothai at South Parade

So yesterday I finally got the chance to consume the lovely looking food that I see every week without fail instead of serving it. 

Arjay and I went to Sukothai in Leeds and we were both so impressed with the food and the interior design. I loved the service, the starters and the main. Though, I must say the dessert was kind of disappointing because they use a different sauce to the one we use in the Harrogate branch.

The speed of service was spot on and the food arrived very quickly but the fact that we came in during a Tuesday afternoon and it was very empty (I'm talking only our table and another) so we can't say what the speed is like when it's on a very busy night. 

The quality of the service was exceptional; they took care of us really well, refilled our water without us having to ask and asked us if the starters and main were okay for the both of us.

So, here is a photo of the starter we ordered: the special mix starter. This starter is a platter for two but it came with three everything: three chicken toasts, minced chicken in golden balls (Tung Thong), satay chicken and tiger prawns in batter. Arjay couldn't have the prawns because he's allergic so I was left with the responsibility to devour all of it (I didn't... I couldn't - I wanted to save room for my main course and starter). 

The main course that Arjay ordered was called 'Pad Mamuang Himmaparn.' It was a chicken stir-fried dish with cashew nuts, pineapple and spring onions. I didn't try it but it's a dish that's completely not spicy and Arjay seemed to enjoy it a lot!

Boy could not resist pulling out his phone and snapping away at the food before the waitress even got it onto the table! 

The dish that I ordered was called 'Pearl of Sukothai' and it was the best thing you could imagine. I asked for it to be extra spicy because I just absolutely adore spicy food. I've seen and served a lot of this dish while working and was really envious of the customers that were eating them, it just looked so nice and I'm such a huge fan of prawns! It was served to us in a miniature looking hotpot with a candle at the bottom that's used to keep the food hot. Trust me on this, it tasted even better than it looked. The prawns reached parts in me that I thought were insatiable and the soup made my taste buds dance. 

Near the end I think both of us were feeling pretty full and had food babies in our tummies. However, me being greedy me, I insisted on ordering the desserts that I have been thinking about all this time. It came looking like this and my first thought was, "wow, this isn't the sauce we use" and "there's hardly any". The sauce is what makes it nice, I think the ones we used in Harrogate was caramel and this one is toffee. We didn't finish it but nonetheless, we enjoyed our stayed thoroughly and even had a casual conversation about having a group meet up here because the booths downstairs just looked so appealing.

Food aside, Arjay and I both agreed that we were extremely impressed with the bathrooms and the facilities they provide. There were lights all around the mirrors in front of the sink which made it feel almost like a celebrity's dressing room. There were also wall lengths mirrors on two sides of the walls (which I used to take selfies - of course).

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