Small haul from Ark clothing

So I was meant to do this a while ago but never fully got round to it yet. Today, since I ditched plans and just staying in I figured it was a good time to write a few posts, clean the room and maybe get a couple of assignments done.

This was last week I believe, I spent around £83 which isn’t bad but that was discounted from £91 so it’s even better.

Ark is currently one of my favourite stores right now as they sell super cute clothing and accessories with affordable prices. I pretty much fell in love with the store when I saw the way the staff styled their mannequins and the outfits just looked so nice. I went in a week later to get the dress and ended up buying £85 worth of clothing because, honestly, the mannequins seriously sold it.
I will be giving links to the items I bought as you can also purchase them yourself. They ship internationally and it’s free when you order over £100.