REVIEW: Lemongrass Thai Restaurant Leeds

My all time favourite Thai restaurant has been shut for nearly half a year now. Thai Aroy Dee is supposedly going to open at the other side of the Grand Arcade but it's been so long now I am not sure when it is supposed to happen.

Thai Aroy Dee was a convenient and cheap place I could go for a nice quick meal and I think I tried to go there whenever I had a chance. So, with this place gone and me having cheap Thai food withdrawal, I have started to look for a temporary replacement to fill that empty whole in my stomach heart.

Disclaimer: I, myself, work in a Thai restaurant in Harrogate and this is not a personal attack against anyone. This review is based purely on my opinion as a customer. Due to this blog being about how I am looking for another Thai restaurant that is as good as my formal favourite, I will occasional compare the two together rather Lemongrass and Sukothai (where I work).

DIY Mask For Acne, Dry and Scarred skin

All of this is actually very much inspired by Bubzbeauty and many of her natural DIY masks. After watching those videos I learned of the ingredients which are beneficial to my skin and also did my own research and experiments.

I have found a few that works the best for my skin and I tend to switch them up depending on how my skin is acting. For example, if it's dry then I will use honey, sugar, and drops of green tea to exfoliate my skin and then an oatmeal and honey mask after. If I am breaking out and my skin is oily then I will do something like a lemon and cucumber mask.

Pandora Princess Ring

The Princess Tiara Ring from Pandora is an adorable looking ring that, as stated in the name, looks like a Tiara. 

I've had my eye on this ring for a while. At the beginning of this year I saw this girl post it and I was like, "Oh wow, I don't normally accessorise but maybe I should start because this ring is so cute." I wanted to order it for myself but since I've never actually bought rings before I didn't know what size I was. 

How I cured my acne and scars! + TIPS

Doing a blog post like this, ideally I'd like to include photos of my skin during acne and my skin currently. However, when I did have acne I pretty much avoided cameras at all cost. Any photos which were taken of me back then, I had heavy make-up on and it was heavily filtered. I will try my best but they will not be detailed or give as much insight as to how my skin was really like.

I have included photos of my skin as of it is now but I'd like to point out, even without makeup and filter, lighting does so much to your skin and makes it look better than how it actually is. 

My story

Everybody's acne story is pretty similar so if you want to skip this part then you can. 

I started to get my acne around the age of 15 and it went away around the age of 18. Before my acne, I never had bad skin and I never took care of it; I didn't moisturise, exfoliate or use masks. I had random breakouts once in a while but then I'd use a 'clean and clear' face wash in the shower, go to sleep, and when I woke up it would be gone! I didn't use lotion or anything after. 

Marc Jacobs Watch

Guess what? I got my camera!! Finally, I can now ditch the iPhone quality on my blog and update to higher resolution images.

Pandora Romance Ring

I got treated to another pandora ring! On Monday I was upset so Hai offered to treat me to something. I wanted another candle because I couldn't get the one I wanted last time I was in TK Maxx. However, Hai really doesn't like the fact that I spend so much money on candles which I don't even use half the time. So, how did he compromise? He said, "You get to choose between either a pandora ring or a candle. So which one?"

ASOS Haul - Mini Reviews

The first thing I'd like to mention is that I'm not very impressed with the postage time for ASOS. My order was not dispatched until exactly a week after my payment was sent and honestly, I've never actually shopped from a site that has taken so long to dispatch an item before.

I received my post two days after it had been posted. The lady who had sent them to me was kind of rude and was on her phone, she didn't look like she particularly cared as she didn't even look at me and just said, 'Got a package for you' and then just walked away, blabbling on her phone still. Regardless, all of this may have been useless information so I shall get straight to the products.