ASOS Haul - Mini Reviews

The first thing I'd like to mention is that I'm not very impressed with the postage time for ASOS. My order was not dispatched until exactly a week after my payment was sent and honestly, I've never actually shopped from a site that has taken so long to dispatch an item before.

I received my post two days after it had been posted. The lady who had sent them to me was kind of rude and was on her phone, she didn't look like she particularly cared as she didn't even look at me and just said, 'Got a package for you' and then just walked away, blabbling on her phone still. Regardless, all of this may have been useless information so I shall get straight to the products.

This was the package that they sent it in which was fairly decent. I really really enjoy receiving packages in boxes and lots of bubble wraps, they're so much more fun when they're that way for some reason. However, this didn't particularly contain anything fragile so I wasn't that bothered.

These are all my items laid out and they include: 3 bras, a pair of hoop earrings and a pearl choker. I was really pleasantly surprised that the accessories came in two cute black boxes! I can see myself reusing the boxes for something, I don't know yet but I'm sure it'll be something and something useful, so these are my favourite things so far.

The earrings were well protected with bubble wrap and fitted snugly in the box.

The earrings are just a pair of silver and gold hoop. I don't normally accessorise and nor have I ever worn hoop earrings before. However, I actually bought this for a Christmas party I was meant to go to and I thought these were decent sized and will put any outfit together. Definitely not an every day item for me but the quality of the product itself was okay. Nothing to complain about.

I bought these two as a pack of two but I can't find it on the website anymore so I am assuming that they are out of stock. Nonetheless, I do have the link to the gold earrings.

The pearl choker came with lace and, since it is faux pearl, the choker itself is pretty light but it looks so cute on! I have a few dresses and outfits that would totally look amazing with this statement piece on. This is the ASOS Multirow Lace & Faux Pearl Choker Necklace  and that was on sale from £8 to £3!

The bras that were on sale were really cute so I bagged myself three and absolutely could not wait to have tried them on myself. I bought myself a baby blue one, a hot red and also a nice coral colour. 2/3 of these did not fit me but I shall go onto these later.

Look how cute this bra looks on this model gah. Maybe my nipples are large or too higher or whatever (sorry, tmi) but on both the blue and coral/orange bra it does not cover the tip of my nipples.

I understand that it is a lower cut design and that my boobs are not big (dear lord they are not big as you can maybe get an idea from the photo I took with the pearl choker) but it just felt like my boobs were going to fall out of them.

I'll post the real life photos of them below and you can find the bra here: Millie Lace Caged Balconette Bra.

This was on sale from £18 to £7.

The next bra is also low cut and, as previously stated, would not entirely cover my nipples which makes me very sad. It has these push ups at the sides which I feel makes it even more difficult for it to hold my boobs in lol. Despite all of this, it all feels very soft and good quality. Too bad it doesn't fit me. This is the: Daisy Lace Balconette BraThis went from £16 to £6.

This red one actually fits me quite perfectly out of them. It holds my boobs nicely and the straps doesn't feel like it's constantly going to be needed to be pulled up since I have a lot of problems with most of my bras. It's funny that out of all the bras I had ordered, the red one was the one that I was the most 'meh' about. This went from £18 to £7 and it's the Boudoir Mix & Match Lace Longline Bra.

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