DIY Mask For Acne, Dry and Scarred skin

All of this is actually very much inspired by Bubzbeauty and many of her natural DIY masks. After watching those videos I learned of the ingredients which are beneficial to my skin and also did my own research and experiments.

I have found a few that works the best for my skin and I tend to switch them up depending on how my skin is acting. For example, if it's dry then I will use honey, sugar, and drops of green tea to exfoliate my skin and then an oatmeal and honey mask after. If I am breaking out and my skin is oily then I will do something like a lemon and cucumber mask.

For this mask that I am about to show you, I do this when I am having one of those hormonal breakouts and it helps in calming down any inflamed spots and moisturising any dry patches or dry skin. Other benefits include:

  • Scar fading
  • Skin brightener
  • Moisturising benefits
  • Treats blemishes and imperfections
  • Refines and unclog pores

The ingredients include:

  • Oatmeal
  • Honey
  • Green tea
  • Lemon
Oatmeal not only smells amazing but it will help calm down any redness you have on your face and relieve any dryness and irritation you have. It also does a great job at absorbing dirt and removing impurities, that's why they make such an amazing cleanser!

The honey is there to help with the dry and acne prone skin you have as it's widely used to treat acne and any inflammatory you may have. Honey actually helps reduce the redness of the skin and helps the process of healing your skin from acne and scarring.

Green tea is famously known for its anti oxidant benefits so it will help get rid of free radicals from your precious skin!

Lemon is a natural bleach so it will help in evening out your skin tone and reducing your acne scars and firming your skin.

Originally I was only going to add hot water to this mask but then I thought to myself, "Why use water when I can use green tea and load the mask with even more goodness?" 

On the above photo, you can see my green tea. It is pretty hot at this point and you'd want to put it in when it is hot rather than leaving it to cool. This way, it can melt the oatmeal together and create the right paste and texture you'd want for the mask. I had a chopstick with me that I used to mix the ingredients together and I also used it to mixed the green tea bag in the mug so all the goodness will spill into the water.

Here, I have added the hot green tea onto my oatmeal. I am using my measuring cup as it is easiest for me to mix and then throw away later. You can totally store it in the fridge and use it again within a week but I prefer to make it fresh. I was doing this for my sister and myself so I added in about three table spoons of oatmeal and two table spoons of green tea. The consistency you get is like porridge!

I added a big table spoonful of honey in and then squeezed about a slice of lemon juice in and mixed it all in. The texture is perfect as it's not too runny where it will drip off your face. I prefer to use this mask whilst it's still pretty warm as it will open up your pores more whilst you are using it so your skin will absorb all the goodness from the mask better! The mask won't be red hot as the honey would have cooled it down some.

I applied on my sister for her. Using a foundation brush for this is probably the best option. When you are applying this mask on, it is so soft and relaxing because of the warmth. The green tea had melted the oatmeal and in turn mixed all the ingredients in together perfectly and the consistency of it was on point - non drip!

My sister has combinational skin with an oily T-Zone and dry cheeks area. She typically breaks out around her nose and forehead so I focused more there and you should also apply more on areas where you have more problems.

When I have this mask on, I usually go and watch an episode of a series and after it's finished I wash it off. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes though or when it's dry! Also remember to go back and drink the rest of your tea!

My face looks so sharp and pointy here it's super weird because my features are so flat aha!

Anyway, after you wash this mask off your skin will feel amazing. You're going to have to try it out for yourself to know what I mean. One last tip though: if you do leave the mask on for too long it can  be difficult and messy to wash off, especially around the hairline. My tip is to wet your face and use some sugar and then massage your whole face. This will exfoliate your skin and help further absorb all the loaded goodness into your skin! 

I find that whenever I do DIY masks they tend to be more on the messier side when washing off so I prefer to wash it off in the shower. If anyone does give this a try then I hope you enjoy and good luck with your skin.

Much love, 

Gup! x

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