Marc Jacobs Watch

Guess what? I got my camera!! Finally, I can now ditch the iPhone quality on my blog and update to higher resolution images.

Hai and I are both equally bad at keeping surprises and giving each other gifts. I couldn't wait and ending up showing him all the presents I got for him through Skype at the beginning of December. He just takes me out and let me decide on what I want for myself now. Last year, I'm pretty sure I did the same thing except by showing his gifts through skype but I still wrapped the presents and gave it to him despite him already knowing what they were. This year, I kind of just showed him where they were (thrown carelessly on the chair) and that was about it aha.

For Christmas, I received two rings from Pandora (you can check out my blog post on the princess ring here and the romance ring here), a watch from Marc Jacobs and other random and small knick knacks. One of them is this lovely lovely red scarf from Zara! I don't want to go too much into my other gifts or this scarf because this post is supposed to be about my latest gift which is the watch from Marc Jacobs but I'll add quick photos of the scarf for you to get an idea!

It is super soft and warm and I like to tell other people to touch it and then they all gush at how soft it is. I got the last one in the store and I can't find it anywhere on the website so I cannot link, sorry!

I'm really bad at staying on topic. Anyway, it was our last day together on Thursday and he wanted to get me a final gift before he returned home after staying with me for two weeks. He said he wanted to buy me an outfit, some shoes, a new coat, a "pick up anything you want" and one of those "see anything you like? Take it" kind of thing. However, we walked into House of Fraser and, originally I fell in love with their Daisy perfume because it smells super nice and the packaging is to die for (though I think that Victoria Secret perfume actually smells better), we moved further along and I just fell in love with the watches.

Hai has been saying that he wanted to get me a Michael Kors watch for a long time but lately a lot of people have been getting that and I don't really like the design that much. Too much of their collection is rose gold and it just reminds me too much of fake gold jewellery rusting or something. Sounds pretty but not for me.

I don't know if you can see it very well in the photo but between the numbers there are these little designs that look like small flowers and it is absolutely beautiful! The white and gold looks so good together and I am so happy and can't get over how perfect it is.

Hai is either a totally reckless spender or he's the stingiest person alive, and lately he's just spend spend spend without giving much thoughts into it. Can you believe after I got my watch on, we started to walk out and he said, "Do you want to go to into Pandora and get another ring?"

I don't know if I should make a post of the things I got for him since they're all with him and I won't be able to take photos or link them. Anyhow, so sorry for the rambling!

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