Pandora Princess Ring

The Princess Tiara Ring from Pandora is an adorable looking ring that, as stated in the name, looks like a Tiara. 

I've had my eye on this ring for a while. At the beginning of this year I saw this girl post it and I was like, "Oh wow, I don't normally accessorise but maybe I should start because this ring is so cute." I wanted to order it for myself but since I've never actually bought rings before I didn't know what size I was. 

I told Hai I wanted the ring and he said he'd get it for me and we'd go and get my finger measured together. Some time between that and me actually purchasing it, there was a huge deal about this ring on twitter and it blew up and suddenly every single girl wanted this ring and hints and subtweets were being thrown everywhere. After, I was like, "Okay, I don't want the ring anymore." Haha!

However, when Hai came over to visit me a few days ago, we went to get my finger measured in Pandora (found out I am a size 48!). Due to the fact that I passed the princess ring on the way in I wanted to try it on. As soon as I got the ring onto my finger I simply knew I had to have it! I suddenly did not care half the girls will also own it, it was so pretty.

What happened: we walked into Pandora, asked the lady if I could get my ring measured. She handed me a ring and asked me to try it on and when I said it was perfect she told me I am a 48. After, I asked if I could try on the princess ring and as soon as I got it on I asked to get it in a bag since I wanted it. All of this happened in less than five minutes and it was possibly one of the quickest decision making ever. Especially when it comes to shopping.

Yes, I have man hands, I know. I've never liked my hands so I never ever take photos of them whether it be to show my nail colour or rings. It's long and lanky and not nice looking. However, for the purpose of showing you what the ring looks like on (though you probably have already seen a lot of them) I'll post it here.

My index finger is the biggest out of all of them but it slides off pretty easily. I wear them on the middle finger as, even though it's thinner and slides around a lot, it won't fall off easily as the joint between my knuckles and finger tips (what are they call again?) is thicker.

Overall, I am super happy with this purchase and would recommend any girl to go and treat herself to one and any guy to go buy one and treat the lady in his life to something special!

P.S. Sorry for the ugly water mark on my photos. Me doing so does not mean I think I am super popular and ~well known~ that people will steal my photos. If someone is popular and their photo is stolen, it is obvious. However, since I do these blogs mainly for myself and not many read them, if someone were to steal them it won't be known it's from me. This has happened to me before where I posted photos of my boots and someone accused me of stealing them off of weheartit so I had to do a video of myself with my shoes to proof so. 

Moreover, someone screenshotted a photo I took of the sun setting on snapchat and then posted it onto IG (she had screenshotted my other photos before but I thought it might have been an accident or that she wasn't going to posted it anywhere). I don't want similar situations to repeat itself 

Anyhow, thanks for reading my ramble!

Gup x

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