Pandora Romance Ring

I got treated to another pandora ring! On Monday I was upset so Hai offered to treat me to something. I wanted another candle because I couldn't get the one I wanted last time I was in TK Maxx. However, Hai really doesn't like the fact that I spend so much money on candles which I don't even use half the time. So, how did he compromise? He said, "You get to choose between either a pandora ring or a candle. So which one?"

We were sat inside Starbucks and the Pandora store was right opposite us so, obviously, I said I wanted a Pandora ring and we quickly finished up our drink and then made our way to Pandora.

When we went in I actually had my eye on this pearl ring which was super pretty. Unfortunately, they did not have my size and I was so upset and then had to find another one. Lucky thing was, after I got the princess ring last week I actually browsed the website and found a few that tickled my liking.

I pick out the Pandora romance ring which was £55. This ring is thicker and, despite being the same size, it feels smaller than my princess ring. I can't wear my two rings next to each other because this one is so thick and it just clashes and it wouldn't let me close my fingers.

The lady at the store gift wrapped it for us and it is so pretty.


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