Christmas Card From Korea!

I am, and have been since 2011, in this private group called FCM and we all keep in touch and communicate to each other on a regular basis. For Christmas, one of our members came up with the idea of posting Christmas cards to all of us and I loved the idea of receiving one so I signed up straight away!

Excuse the background of the bed sheets, I was in my grandma's room trying to steal some duvet covers and then realised that the lighting in there was better than in my room aha.

Thank you Clasrissa for the lovely card! I received it on NYE along with my other parcels from my boxing day purchases so it did make me feel better about having to work that night.

I blurred out our addresses but I wanted to keep in the cute stickers she put in!

It's an adorable pop up card with a cupcake-like mountain of snow plus santa! The card is filled with cute 3D stocking stickers and it came with a cute message.

Yes, yes! I did recieve it before NYE (or rather on the day aha) but I'm so sorry I'm a little late on posting this as I misplaced my camera's USB for a while and couldn't get the photos onto my laptop aha.

I've never actually received a personal holiday card from overseas before so I am definately going to be keeping this in a safe place.

Thanks again for this card, Clarissa! It came a long way for lil ole me.

Much love,

Gup! x

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