HAUL - Topshop, Victoria Secret, ASOS, Zara & Boohoo

For boxing day I went through a huge splurge and today all of my purchases arrived! I didn't want to do this post until I got all the products together, that's why it took so long.
I will post the photos and a brief description of it all and may do a few reviews later if needed or requested.


This is my first time ordering from Zara online and I am so impressed with their packaging! I think I've mentioned before how I think it's a big plus when companies send them in cardboard boxes rather than bags.

So, what actually happened was, when Zara put up their sales at midnight on boxing day. The two beanie hats I wanted went onto sale so I got two in both black and white. They came in such large boxes for just two hats!

These went from £9.99 to £5.99. Unless your order is over £50, you will have to pay £4 shipping. I was contemplating to get the city bag with zip but in the end I backed out and only bought the hats by itself. However, the morning after I decided that I wanted it really badly but it was sold out!

I would link the hats here but these were sold out by the next morning, too.

The photo above is the city bag that I originally wanted at £49.99. Due to the fact that it was all gone (REGRET!) I had to settle for the next best thing which is the city bag with pockets in burgundy.

The bag is actually bright red compared to the photos on the website.
A lot bigger than I thought tbh! I think it's actually big enough to fit a laptop.
Lots of zips and compartments

Came with a long strap.
This was sold out for a few days after I made my purchase but recently, whilst I kept on checking up on the availability on the other city bag, it went back up online. I made the orders for the bag and beanies separately (which is why they're in separate boxes) and since those orders individually did not add up to £50 I had to pay £8 in total of just shipping alone!

You can see how different the colours look online compared to in real life.

You can still bag one here: office city bag with pockets

I ordered from Boohoo on two different occasions. The first time I bought a playsuit and a pair of boots and then a week after I decided to buy another pair of boots. The second package arrived at the same time as Topshop..

The shoes from topshop didn't come in boxes!

Frankie Multi Buckle Work Boots
These boots drawn me in with their lovely detailing of buckles and zips.

Will go great with skinny jeans and shorts.

I actually own way too many pairs of black boots but most of time are high heels and only 2 of them are flats. I needed more boots for the casual wear. I don't think I took any photos of inside the boots but they're actually fur lined (faux, but yano, still nice).

These were bought at the price of £18 and they are now sold out

Penny PU & Mesh Collar Playsuit
Sigh, no pockets. Not surprised but still disappointed.
Such a huge lover of mesh.
My hair looks dry as heck
Down the side of your body, it's also lined in mesh so I don't think this is bra friendly. Invest in nipple patches /strips because they are a life saver and sometimes I use them on days where I just don't feel like wearing a bra!

The RRP for this was £25, I bought it for £12 and now it's gone even lower for £8! (Don't you hate it when that happens?) You can bag yourself one here.

Emma Multi Buckle Ankle Boot
Ahhh so pretty! 

I actually already have a pretty similar looking pair of boots I got from Dorothy Perkins  months ago. However, those were my 'go to' shoes and I wore it everywhere so it is a little worn out now so I thought this would go nicely as a replacement. You can never go wrong with buckled black ankle shoes.

This went on sale from £25.00 to £15.00. I think what I like so much about Boohoo is that they round their prices up nicely and they do not do any of those .99p thing going on. Anyway, you can get yours here.


I could tell straight away that these shoes were not boxed which made me kind of upset because I just love reusing the shoe boxes aha. The packaging was cute with the handle though.

Shoes came in plastic packages.

 BRUNO Lace Up Boots

This was crushed! Got really sad about it for about a minute but I know it can be easily fixed. I'm including a photo of the model with it so you can see how nice these boots actually are. Would look so good with skinny jeans and a leather jacket!

These are the BRUNO Lace Up Boots which went on sale from £40 to £20!

BUNK Hiker Boots

Cannot wait to wear all of these out! This is such a versatile pair of boots that will go with jeans and skirts and shorts! Wear it casually or on a night out and it'll work.

They went on sale from £45 to £20 and you can get them here.


The next series of photos were taken in my living room so excuse the bad lighting.

ASOS came boxed! Maybe it's their christmas special.

The way this was wrapped made it so difficult to open wow.

My new umbrella! On a rainy day a few weeks ago I went to the bathroom in the bus station and left my umbrella behind some seats. When I came back it was gone and I was super bummed out about it. It was big, it was great with wind, it would provide you shade in the sun and you can open it by a click rather than pushing it up!

This new umbrella is also pretty big and look sturdy. It's pretty transparents so it's good for rainy days as I can have this over my head and see through it but it's not good for summer but then again who uses umbrellas during summer. 
4 bras, 4 baby lips and a beanie hat.
Beanie hat with two poms poms
The poms poms are detachable.
I did take photos of myself in the bra and they are cute as heck but obviously I'm not confident enough to post them plus my mother is online and she is an asian lady certainly would not approve.

Victoria Secret

The 'Tease' perfume was actually a gift from my parents but I wanted to include it in here anyway aha. 

If you are in the UK I don't think you can get this on their website (believe me, I've tried). You can look on eBay but the sellers sell it for such high prices. 

I don't really know how much Tease costs but I know Scandalous was £66. I was hoping so badly for it to be on sale but sadly not.

Can't get over how pretty the design is.


I absolutely adorable the cute squeezy thing for the perfume to come out (what are they called? lol) and also the fishnet detailing at the back. 

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