DIY 'Open When...' Letters

I should quickly say that this isn't a tutorial and I don't really think I am pro enough to be guiding people on how to do something like this. I simple wanted to do a quick blog post about this little handmade gift I made for Hai.

You all have most likely seen these flying around the web. I got the idea from a twitter post actually and thought it was such a cute idea. If you and your significant other are in a long distance relationship or you don't get the chance to see each other often then this gift will be perfect for you.

I didn't want to just do a simple design like the ones I saw (with block coloured pieces of paper and simple written signs on them). I wanted to make it a little bit more personal and add some more effort into them. 

My goal wasn't perfection and it shouldn't be for anyone if you are giving a handmade gift. The idea of a DIY gift isn't to make it look flawless, the appeal of them are all the imperfections in them. At least to me anyway; it's much more charming when I can see the small flaws and mistakes within the gift. 

These are all the letters I made for Hai. The bigger envelopes were made by me. I downloaded an envelope template online and traced it over a card. I cut out the shape of the envelope template and then I used that card to trace all the patterned paper. I feel like I'm not making much sense here but I don't know where my envelope template has gone so I can't take a photo of it aha oops.

All of the equipments I got was from a pack of stationary from TK MAXX, all the of patterned paper and labels.

The stack is quite thick and still has many more uses to it. Yay!
Look at all these pop outs and labels that I could use for future DIYs!
Some of them were really easy to come up with but if you are struggling then you can just look it up online for ideas. Try to make them as personal as you can. Hai has some nights where he can get really insecure and need reassurance about how I feel about him so I made one specifically for when he feels that way. 

If, during that instance when he need my reassurance and my mood does not hold up to it then letters like these can be perfect. If you are a stubborn boyfriend or girlfriend then doing things like this can really help.

Mind my shitty face drawings aha. In these envelopes you can add in personal hand written notes, little gifts. In this one I added in some cash so that he could order himself a dominoes after he has had a long day.

In this one he's actually ruined it because he was supposed to open it whilst he was in transportation. Maybe on the way into the city centre or university. I put in £55 of cash into this one envelope and told him to get himself something nice or something to eat (as he tends to skip breakfast before university).

However, when was on the car to go somewhere he forgot to bring it with him and decided to open it as soon as he got back home and ruined it. No Hai, NOO!

I had a lot of cash lying around (most £5 notes and a few £10 and £20) so I kind of just spread them into the letters as appropriate. (£55 for the bus, £35 for when he is sad, £25 for when he has has a long day).

This one had a mini doodle inside about him having a cute butt and for him to go squat aha.

To seal the letters shut you can use stickers. I used the pop out labels and just glued them together as they were all very cute and I think it just ties the whole look together.

This was just a little heart origami I made from the spare paper I got. I think I actually made more of these envelopes and probably around three has gone missing from builders coming in and out of my room to fix the water damage on my wall.

That is it, hope you enjoyed!


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  1. aww these are so cute!! so thoughtful and creative! xx