Boux Avenue Black Friday Haul

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One of the most exciting things about winter is stocking up on fleece pyjamas and fuzzy slippers to keep those toes warm! I remember, as a kid, I used to receive lots of packs of warm-fleece pyjamas from uncles and aunties during Christmas time and hating it. Now, it's all I ever want!

I'm moving soon (exciting announcement soon to come!) which will be the 3rd time moving for me since June alone, however it will be the first time where bills aren't included so I'll have to conserve the heat a little bit more during the colder days. I've always preferred being drowned in warm blankets and a hot mug of coffee in a cold room rather than having the heater blasting, so I set out on a quest to get myself some winter survival kit.

Boux Avenue is doing a Black Friday deal offering 25% site wide and 50% on selected nightwear and lingerie so I thought there was no better time to make my winter survival kit purchase. Plus, Topcashback was offering a 10% cashback on top of the deal!

Unfortunately, the photos I've taken aren't very good nor do I have many as I am between places right now so I'm currently in an adjustment period.

Pumpkin Patch at Crockford Bridge Farm

Pumpkin patches were always a bit of an American thing - much like Halloween itself. But as we continue to do everything the Americans do such as Black Friday, it was a given pumpkin patches were going to catch on.

So, rather than hopping to the nearest supermarket and getting a generic pumpkin, I wanted to make a whole date out of it and looked for the neared pumpkin patch near me which happens to be Crockford Bridge Farm.

How I Save Money While Living In London

Life is expensive and it gets even pricier when it's an urban life. Comparing my life back in Loughborough - a quaint town in the Midlands - to London, there's a dramatic difference. I'm also not making bank while living here; I'm an intern who's still on probation so to survive living in the city, I have had to make money stretch a little further than I normally would.

There have been a few compromises in comfort but I'm not going to bed hungry nor do I feel deprived. Despite the prices in London being hiked up in comparison, it has not been a struggle surviving here so long as you're not living a luxurious life you can't afford. So today, I thought it'd be fun for me to share my tips and tricks on what I've been doing to save money in London!

Photo Diary | First Time In Brighton

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Prior to university, I've pretty much lived in Leeds my whole life and have never ventured further south than London. The desire to see more of the UK always existed at the back of my mind but it never happened; I wanted to see Cornwall, Bristol, and Brighton. Last weekend, I finally had the chance to visit Brighton! I thought I should make the most of me being in London see the places around here while I am here. 

An Introvert's University Experience

University can understandably be scary for introverts who are not very good at stepping out of their comfort zones. As quoted by Gene Belcher, "There's too much pressure to enjoy yourself!" Admittedly, he was referring to summer but I think that quote can be interchangeable with university; there's too much pressure to "get out there" and "go wild" because it will "be the best time of your life." Apologies for the quotations (I'm making them up as I go along). Also, before I go any further: take a shot every time the word university is mentioned in this blog. To get into the spirit.

Life Updates | What Have I Been Up To?

I have been living in London a week shy of 3 months now and it's been hard. I underestimated how long it would take to settle and all the challenges I would face along the way. There were some tears and doubts involved, especially in the earlier process. Currently, as I continue to learn more on my placement and taking the time to explore my surrounding, it's been better.

My Holy Grail Foundation As A Glasses Wearer

Last week I finished my all time favourite foundation: Estée Lauder's Double Wear. I thought it was a good time to make a new post and talk a little bit about how much I love it! Also, this foundation costs £32.50 but I got it for £25.54 + 2 extra freebies on top of the 2 I was already entitled to! Estée Lauder is currently doing 15% off on online orders if you sign up to their newsletter. I also bought this through Quidco and got 8% cashback (£2.08) so if anyone is looking to save a little I would recommend doing it this way. I don't quite agree with "buy more so you save more" mentality though, as you're still spending more money. Just buy what you need and leave.

I Know It's Bad For Me But I Can't Help Myself

When it comes to attempting to function as a basic human being, it can be difficult to escape the grasp of bad habits. I'd like to think one day I can pride myself in being a decent human who takes care of herself and improves every day. Though I can't quite see that happening so soon.

Pinching Pennies | Things I No Longer Buy

On my journey towards a more frugal lifestyle, I have had to cut out a few commodities from my budget. This post is focused on things I no longer spend money on, but - in another post - I do want to touch upon some habits I have picked up along the way which has helped me tremendously in not being homeless and starving. Which is always a plus.

Twenty-Two Mistakes I Made at 22

If you already can't tell, it appears I really enjoy writing lists. Which works out well since most people find listed posts easier to read (I am assuming based on my own lacking level of an attention span).

I turned 22 on the 10th of July and I thought it would be a good time to reflect. 22 is such a strange age. I've technically been an "adult" since I was 18 but I feel the ages of 18-21 gets a pass for being young and doing dumb things. 22, however, has this very adult connotation around it. No excuses now. So, there's no better time to look back at everything I did wrong in my life until present:

Types of People I No Longer Associate With

One of the most liberating things about moving to a big city where you don't know anyone is that you're also leaving behind people in the previous stage of your life who were not making a positive contribution. I believe the people you surround yourself with can be the most influential thing in your life; they can influence the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you act. Whether we like it or not, relationships we forge throughout our lives does have great power to influence us.

Things I Got Rid Of And Don't Miss | Decluttering

Having moved to a smaller place without the aid of a car lead me to one main problem: I had too much stuff. I had to rely on public transportation for my move, this meant I had to do more than one trips (I ended up doing a total of five trips on the Megabus). The second problem is storage; with all the stuff I had with me in my student accommodation, I was not going to have room to keep them. So, to make it as convenient and cost effective as possible, I realised that it was time to say goodbye to a few of my belongings. These are some of the things I have gotten rid of and have not looked back on since:

5 Things I Learned From My First Breakup

I'm not someone who takes risks and personally enjoy the security of routine. Leaving my long term relationship of 3 and a half years was one of the biggest steps I took in moving out of my comfort zone since moving away from home to a university, and it has taught me a lot.

No drama. No private details will be spilt. Just a blog wishing to share some of the "wisdom" I've gained from my first breakup.

Big girl secured a marketing placement in London!

So quick blog update before I go back to my revision for my 9 am exam tomorrow; turns out I'm not a useless sod as I've received an email today offering me the marketing placement in London from Tomorrow | TTH! 

After months of constant applications and rejections and just feeling like I wasn't good enough it was such a massive relief to secure a work placement finally. Surprisingly there were a lot of stresses that came with this, as you can tell I've gotten my placement pretty late into the year which means that I've not been able to book an accommodation yet as I was waiting around for placement. So, there was this persistent worry at the back of my mind that if I do not get a placement, I also might not be able to find a place to live for next year. That on top of exams and coursework stresses.

Exam Revision Tips

Ah, it's that time of the year again where the bloggers emerge using exams as an excuse to make a post to distract themselves from revising for those exams. I mean, as someone who has not updated this blog for a good two years, that is certainly what I am up to at 10 pm on a Friday night (just four days before my first exam).

Everyone has probably read all these tips and tricks posts before on ways to get through an exam or how to revise. Most of them don't even help, and we tend to just read them to procrastinate. And, since I read people so well and know what the public wants, I am here to provide; I am procrastinating (and wish to write about something more light-hearted and not academics related) and you are also looking for things to waste your time. This post is going to be highlighting the system I have put in place for myself to get the most revision out of me during these dire times.