5 Things I Learned From My First Breakup

I'm not someone who takes risks and personally enjoy the security of routine. Leaving my long term relationship of 3 and a half years was one of the biggest steps I took in moving out of my comfort zone since moving away from home to a university, and it has taught me a lot.

No drama. No private details will be spilt. Just a blog wishing to share some of the "wisdom" I've gained from my first breakup.

Big girl secured a marketing placement in London!

So quick blog update before I go back to my revision for my 9 am exam tomorrow; turns out I'm not a useless sod as I've received an email today offering me the marketing placement in London from Tomorrow | TTH! 

After months of constant applications and rejections and just feeling like I wasn't good enough it was such a massive relief to secure a work placement finally. Surprisingly there were a lot of stresses that came with this, as you can tell I've gotten my placement pretty late into the year which means that I've not been able to book an accommodation yet as I was waiting around for placement. So, there was this persistent worry at the back of my mind that if I do not get a placement, I also might not be able to find a place to live for next year. That on top of exams and coursework stresses.

Exam Revision Tips

Ah, it's that time of the year again where the bloggers emerge using exams as an excuse to make a post to distract themselves from revising for those exams. I mean, as someone who has not updated this blog for a good two years, that is certainly what I am up to at 10 pm on a Friday night (just four days before my first exam).

Everyone has probably read all these tips and tricks posts before on ways to get through an exam or how to revise. Most of them don't even help, and we tend to just read them to procrastinate. And, since I read people so well and know what the public wants, I am here to provide; I am procrastinating (and wish to write about something more light-hearted and not academics related) and you are also looking for things to waste your time. This post is going to be highlighting the system I have put in place for myself to get the most revision out of me during these dire times.