Big girl secured a marketing placement in London!

So quick blog update before I go back to my revision for my 9 am exam tomorrow; turns out I'm not a useless sod as I've received an email today offering me the marketing placement in London from Tomorrow | TTH! 

After months of constant applications and rejections and just feeling like I wasn't good enough it was such a massive relief to secure a work placement finally. Surprisingly there were a lot of stresses that came with this, as you can tell I've gotten my placement pretty late into the year which means that I've not been able to book an accommodation yet as I was waiting around for placement. So, there was this persistent worry at the back of my mind that if I do not get a placement, I also might not be able to find a place to live for next year. That on top of exams and coursework stresses.

It just seemed so easy before, I saw people left and right being on placements and also actively securing them, and I just assumed it would be just as quick for me. Boy was I in for a disappointment! After sending countless applications and not hearing back from them, sending more apps off and then just receiving rejection emails, or making it even further to interviews and still being unsuccessful. To put a number on it, I'd probably say that I applied to close to 80+ places, big and small. I had 6 interviews in total, 2 of them I had to travel to London for, and the rest were phone interviews. I was unsuccessful for 4 of them. So, I'm really sorry if I'm being super dramatic and making a big deal out of securing this placement but I'm just completely so ecstatic! 

I'm feeling super thankful to my boyfriend, Ash, at the moment; without him, I would not have been able to do this. So, time for some cringy and cheesy thanks yous! Like, I am completely overwhelmed by how grateful I am. He's the one who helped me completely rewrite and perfected my CV, helped me with cover letters, and stayed up till 4 am interview prepping me. Thank you for putting up with all my whinings about how I'm not going to get anywhere in life or how worthless I felt because of all the rejections I was getting. I've grown so much more confident in myself and learned so much. You've honestly been my biggest supporter in all of this, and I could not thank you enough. 

The excitement I feel in my tummy is real ya'll. I can't wait to be living in London and truly be on my own. I'm looking forward to all the challenges and opportunities which will be offered to me. Of course, there's that nervous feeling too of jumping out of the comfort of university's bubble and that student life, but I'm honestly trying to welcome it! So, until then, let's smash these exams!

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