Pinching Pennies | Things I No Longer Buy

On my journey towards a more frugal lifestyle, I have had to cut out a few commodities from my budget. This post is focused on things I no longer spend money on, but - in another post - I do want to touch upon some habits I have picked up along the way which has helped me tremendously in not being homeless and starving. Which is always a plus.

Twenty-Two Mistakes I Made at 22

If you already can't tell, it appears I really enjoy writing lists. Which works out well since most people find listed posts easier to read (I am assuming based on my own lacking level of an attention span).

I turned 22 on the 10th of July and I thought it would be a good time to reflect. 22 is such a strange age. I've technically been an "adult" since I was 18 but I feel the ages of 18-21 gets a pass for being young and doing dumb things. 22, however, has this very adult connotation around it. No excuses now. So, there's no better time to look back at everything I did wrong in my life until present:

Types of People I No Longer Associate With

One of the most liberating things about moving to a big city where you don't know anyone is that you're also leaving behind people in the previous stage of your life who were not making a positive contribution. I believe the people you surround yourself with can be the most influential thing in your life; they can influence the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you act. Whether we like it or not, relationships we forge throughout our lives does have great power to influence us.

Things I Got Rid Of And Don't Miss | Decluttering

Having moved to a smaller place without the aid of a car lead me to one main problem: I had too much stuff. I had to rely on public transportation for my move, this meant I had to do more than one trips (I ended up doing a total of five trips on the Megabus). The second problem is storage; with all the stuff I had with me in my student accommodation, I was not going to have room to keep them. So, to make it as convenient and cost effective as possible, I realised that it was time to say goodbye to a few of my belongings. These are some of the things I have gotten rid of and have not looked back on since: