Pinching Pennies | Things I No Longer Buy

On my journey towards a more frugal lifestyle, I have had to cut out a few commodities from my budget. This post is focused on things I no longer spend money on, but - in another post - I do want to touch upon some habits I have picked up along the way which has helped me tremendously in not being homeless and starving. Which is always a plus.

Before I became money conscious I was a bit of a brand snob - not strictly clothing brands but foods, too. I would eat out and order takeaways several times a week. I would meet up with friends in cafes and order a coffee all the time (sometimes me paying for the both of us). Watching what I was spending my money on was not a priority at the time. As someone who is living in London and just working an internship, I have had to take a serious look at my finances.

1. Beauty products / Makeup
With the rise of social media and makeup gurus being super prominent figures on these platforms, partnered along with our consumerism culture, we are faced on a regular with these public figures posting sponsored posts pushing us to buy one makeup after another. There's always a new trend/craze/hype popping up so we have this internal desire to keep up with it.

We need to have 27 lipsticks of all similar shades despite only ever wearing 2. Oh, gone for a day out in town? Want to pop into boots and have a quick browse? Boom, walked out with £100 less money in your account and 1 new foundation and a couple of lipsticks to add to your pile.

Have any of us ever actually used all of our beauty products before? We seem to constantly stock up and never actually gone through the whole product. I've used all my foundation up before but that was one time. Any other products, I either lost it or bought new ones and forgot about the previous item.

I still wear makeup and if I ever run out of a product which I have convinced myself is a necessity (spoiler: it's not), I will definitely go out and stock up. I simply feel no need to buy makeup for the sake of it when I have everything I need for my everyday routine. I plan on not spending a single penny on it until I've used every last drop of the product! This applies to makeup and other beauty things such as cleansers, toners, lotions etc.

And by no means am I shaming people who love makeup or splash their hard earned money on it, it's a personal thing for me; it doesn't bring any remarkable value to my life nor does it hold as much importance to me as it used to.

2. Coffee
If anybody knows me (or just takes one glance at my Instagram) will know that I like my caffeine. This point may also be a tad misleading as I have recently treated myself to one when I felt like that £3 wasn't a big deal. However, now that I've been signed up for Perkbox by my employer, I get free coffee from Cafe Nero every month!

I don't understand how my brain works sometimes as I recall feeling tentative as I stared at the £7 200g NescafĂ© instant coffee - which I knew would last me for months and provide me with many many cups of coffee - but would then go ahead and splash £3 on a cup of coffee on a regular basis without blinking an eye. Now I can stick to my regular instant coffee and treat myself to a [free] cafe mocha once a month!

3. Clothes
I've talked about this before and I know for a fact people are getting sick of it (sorry!). It's just not something I need. The closet does not need to constantly be updated nor do I have the desire to keep up with the trend.

There's that factor where I don't care about how people perceive me by my outer appearance which plays a part, but this doesn't mean I don't care about how I look in general. I still want to feel good and confident, I just don't need new clothes to do so. What I have now does it all just fine.

To quickly close off this point: if I feel like I do need new clothes, I have been super into thrifting lately!

4: New books
I love books. I used to read books so much that I was told off for it as a kid (reading it past bed time, reading it whilst eating dinner, not doing anything all day except lay on the sofa with my head buried in that goddamn book). And I did use to love keeping the books I have read and give it an occasional glance over, but now I am older + have less money + less space I can no longer justify spending £8.99 on a book when I can go into Oxfam and get it for £1.

5: Branded foods
I did not realise I had such brand loyalty to certain items until I was forced to look for cheaper alternatives.

I switched from spending almost £3 on Kraves cereal and opted for the Tesco's version for only £1.20. As a student, my diet consists of a lot of pasta and I wholeheartedly swore by Dolmio's Intense Sun Dried Tomato Sauce which costed £1.80. I switched to Tesco's value pasta sauce which costs 40p (!!) and I've found that I actually like it better!

These changes are to list a few but I have opened my eyes more when it comes to my grocery shop.


There you have it! Everything I have cut out of my budget. The things which did not make the cut can be quickly summarised as things which no longer add any value to my life nor to I need it to survive.

Until next time!

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