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Having moved to a smaller place without the aid of a car lead me to one main problem: I had too much stuff. I had to rely on public transportation for my move, this meant I had to do more than one trips (I ended up doing a total of five trips on the Megabus). The second problem is storage; with all the stuff I had with me in my student accommodation, I was not going to have room to keep them. So, to make it as convenient and cost effective as possible, I realised that it was time to say goodbye to a few of my belongings. These are some of the things I have gotten rid of and have not looked back on since:

1. Duplicates
As someone who is always forgetting/losing/misplacing things (on top of having a low rating of -6 on the organisation scale), I found myself having copies of things such as scissors, sellotape, knives etc. I told myself I only needed one of what I need and to get myself into the habit of being neater so I know where all my things are. Most of the things on the lists will all relate back to this point.

2. Clothes I don't touch 
Why do I need 4 different coats? Why do I have 3 hoodies of different colours? Is there a reason why this particular turtle necklace sweatshirt - which is gorgeous btw - have just been sitting in this wardrobe but only worn once in the entire year whilst I wore other turtlenecks way more? That was when I really had to sit down and tell myself I didn't need all of that. There are just some pieces where you insist on keeping, despite never wearing, because it's so nice or you spent so much money on it. There was just no need to have all the extra stuff when I always reach for the same items whenever I head out. I also got rid of pyjamas because I tend to just sleep in just a t-shirt anyway.

The rule I went by with the clothes I had was: if I hadn't worn it more than once in the whole academic year then it had to go. I also now have a system of hanging my clothes with the hanger facing towards me. After I've worn the piece of the clothing, I would hang it back but have it facing the opposite direction. By Christmas time, any of the hangers left unturned would be donated. In the end, I accumulated three large bags of clothes to donate.

I now have this little wardrobe for my clothes and only two draws for the rest!

3. Makeup I don't use
I had a makeup storage when I was in my student accommodation, it would rotate and I could keep so much of my products on it. When I was cleaning up I came to a realisation that whenever I stayed over at someone else's place, my everyday makeup all fit into one small makeup bag (foundation, powder, blush, eyebrow gel, liner, lip balm, lipstick, mascara and a few brushes). Listing them actually makes it seems like a lot but they were just a fraction of what I had at home.

I threw away stuff which I bought but never use such as duplicates of blushes, makeup brushes which I never reach for (since I buy them in sets and I ended up throwing away 13 brushes in total), a primer which never saw the light of day, and nail varnish.

Photo from graciasonlinestore 

4. Toiletries 
Why am I still keeping that large can of hairspray when I don't even use it? Why is that large bottle of moisturiser still sat in my cabinet when I'm too lazy to moisturise? Why do I have three different tubes of sunscreen with some of them being almost 3 years old?

All the things which aren't being used or have expired faced the rubbish bin.

5. Loose papers 
I have old coursework laying around which may seem like "important papers" but in reality, I really didn't need them lying around and taking up space since I had electronic copies of them online. Papers with private details were shredded and everything else was thrown away.

6. Mugs 
As a coffee lover, and also a mug lover, I have accumulated a number of way-too-many-mugs-for-one-person. It's good to have more than one when I have guests over or when I just haven't done my dishes so I still have leftover mugs to use. But, really, I didn't need 7 mugs all to myself. I got rid of 4 (one was chipped, the other two I just never used, and the other one was gifted to Ash as it was his fave mug whenever he visited).

7.Uncomfortable shoes 
The pair looked gorgeous on the model. It was a bargain. I've already planned in my head the outfit I would wear it with and what occasion it would be best for and yet, after buying them, I've only worn them once or just never. I've kept shoes around for years before thinking I would eventually get around to wearing it. Let's stop kidding ourselves and get rid of those pairs that don't receive any love.

8. White/miss match socks 
My drawers are filled to the brim with socks that don't have a pair or some which I don't wear at all. I've just accepted that white socks are super hard to stay clean and that some socks will never find its pair again. I sat down and arranged my underwear draws and threw away all the white and missed matching socks. I find that buying just black ankle socks (those packs from Primark are really good) is really convenient because then all your socks match!

9. Plushies

I think regardless of how old I get I'll always have a soft spot for oversized stuffed plush. But let's be honest, they take up way too much space and offer very little use. I donated the ones I had and hope some little kid will love it more than I.

And that's it for everything which I had to kiss goodbye to during my move! When looking around my room now it still looks like I have too much stuff and I am still far from living the full "minimalistic" life but I have far less stuff than I used to. The main point to this is to get rid of - and stop buying - things which you do not use or add value to your life.

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