An Introvert's University Experience

University can understandably be scary for introverts who are not very good at stepping out of their comfort zones. As quoted by Gene Belcher, "There's too much pressure to enjoy yourself!" Admittedly, he was referring to summer but I think that quote can be interchangeable with university; there's too much pressure to "get out there" and "go wild" because it will "be the best time of your life." Apologies for the quotations (I'm making them up as I go along). Also, before I go any further: take a shot every time the word university is mentioned in this blog. To get into the spirit.

Life Updates | What Have I Been Up To?

I have been living in London a week shy of 3 months now and it's been hard. I underestimated how long it would take to settle and all the challenges I would face along the way. There were some tears and doubts involved, especially in the earlier process. Currently, as I continue to learn more on my placement and taking the time to explore my surrounding, it's been better.

My Holy Grail Foundation As A Glasses Wearer

Last week I finished my all time favourite foundation: Estée Lauder's Double Wear. I thought it was a good time to make a new post and talk a little bit about how much I love it! Also, this foundation costs £32.50 but I got it for £25.54 + 2 extra freebies on top of the 2 I was already entitled to! Estée Lauder is currently doing 15% off on online orders if you sign up to their newsletter. I also bought this through Quidco and got 8% cashback (£2.08) so if anyone is looking to save a little I would recommend doing it this way. I don't quite agree with "buy more so you save more" mentality though, as you're still spending more money. Just buy what you need and leave.

I Know It's Bad For Me But I Can't Help Myself

When it comes to attempting to function as a basic human being, it can be difficult to escape the grasp of bad habits. I'd like to think one day I can pride myself in being a decent human who takes care of herself and improves every day. Though I can't quite see that happening so soon.