My Holy Grail Foundation As A Glasses Wearer

Last week I finished my all time favourite foundation: Estée Lauder's Double Wear. I thought it was a good time to make a new post and talk a little bit about how much I love it! Also, this foundation costs £32.50 but I got it for £25.54 + 2 extra freebies on top of the 2 I was already entitled to! Estée Lauder is currently doing 15% off on online orders if you sign up to their newsletter. I also bought this through Quidco and got 8% cashback (£2.08) so if anyone is looking to save a little I would recommend doing it this way. I don't quite agree with "buy more so you save more" mentality though, as you're still spending more money. Just buy what you need and leave.

You get two samples with your orders and I selected my two freebies twice (I thought it didn't go through the first time).I thought they would still just send two over but I got all four free samples! Yay, free stuff!

If you were to only know me based on what I present on social media you would not think I wear glasses 100% of the time I'm awake. I'm blind as a bat and will not be able to distinguish your facial features if you were sat opposite me in a cafe. Give any of my social media a quick glance, you will notice I don't have my glasses on in 90% on the photos. I always found myself looking better without them so I usually have them off when I take pictures. So, as a person who wears glasses all the time and also wears make up a lot of the days for work, I have faced many challenging foundation troubles. Funnily enough, I started wearing foundation around the same time I had to wear glasses full time.

I started to have problematic skin when I was 15, which was when I introduced myself to the world of foundation. It was mostly me digging through my Mum's bag and slathering the wrong shade all over my face with my hands. Speak of that, can you believe we used to apply foundation with our fingers? The thought of me doing that again gave me small shiver up my back.

From the day I started wearing foundation to before I was introduced to Estée Lauder's Double Wear, I have never found "the one." I have combination skin so my t-zone gets shiny halfway through the day. This problem intensifies when you have glasses resting on your nose and - in my case with my big cheeks and lack of nose bridge - top of your cheekbones. Other problems I had includes the foundation oxidising and making me look either orange or ashy, and the foundation slipping/sliding/streaking.

Before you come at me with all your tips and tricks on how to make your foundation long-lasting and combat all the troubles I've just listed, listen to me when I say that I have tried pretty much everything on the book. The different methods of putting it on, all the powders, the sprays etc. None of them worked until I started using Estée Lauder's double wear.

Why it's amazing
Long-wearing: I hate using this word but it literally stays on all day. Glasses on face, humid weather outside, sweat down your hairline, it honestly does not budge. Best part? It does not need powder to set or finishing spray to make it last. It dries fast so you won't be walking around looking shiny all day. Danced all night? No need to worry about your foundation melting off of your face by the end of it.

Perfect match
: My skin tone is deep and I have a warm undertone so trying to find the right foundations before was quite a feat as they either made me look pink or grey. My colour for Double Wear is "Cashew" and I honestly have not found a foundation that matches me so well. After having to persevere through makeup that doesn't match my neck and buying two different foundations to mix, this has been a relief.

Full coverage:
Estée Lauder's Double Wear is the most full coverage foundation I have used. As this is more on the dearer end of foundations at £32 I found myself sometimes using it as concealer; dabbing it on areas which needed it more whilst I wore my cheaper drugstore foundation as an all over base.

My skin no longer needs as much coverage as it did before (I mean my god, this foundation would've saved my life when I had acne because it would have covered all the scars and redness 100%) but I still enjoy a good full coverage foundation because it can double up as concealer, and you can just mix some moisturiser with it to make it dewier and less thick.

Why it's not so amazing
Despite how much I love this foundation, I would be lying if I stated it was faultless.

Dries a little too fast:
you have to work in small sections with this foundation due to how quickly it sets. You can't dot your whole face and expect to be able to take your time blending it out with this foundation!

Does not come with a pump: This is always a downer with any foundation. I do have a very quick and cheap solution for you though: a mac pump on eBay costs around £1 and it fits perfect with Double Wear. Problem solved!

Can be too cakey: Depending on how you apply it and how much, it can definitely look very cakey. But like I've stated earlier, if you just mix it a little bit with your day cream it has a nicer consistency and still just as long-wearing! I used to think I needed two pumps to this foundation, but if you use one pump and apply it with a brush it gives you a natural look whilst evening out your skin tone!

And that's it for my holy grail foundation! I do think this shouldn't be an everyday foundation simply because of how thick and expensive it is, but I've found that if you mix a little bit of it with your drugstore foundation it makes the foundation stay on longer and you use less of the product, win win.

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