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I have been living in London a week shy of 3 months now and it's been hard. I underestimated how long it would take to settle and all the challenges I would face along the way. There were some tears and doubts involved, especially in the earlier process. Currently, as I continue to learn more on my placement and taking the time to explore my surrounding, it's been better.

The move
I didn't start this off with a bang, from the very beginning I was already in a slump; I had to do my move via the Megabus, going back and forth from Loughborough to London all the trips accumulated to 5 trips in total. A single trip was 3 hours and when I did a round trip I did them both in one day. It was an exhausting week. People who know me have heard me complain many times on this topic (and I did mention it in this blog post on decluttering), but I love to whine.

I didn't want to take more trips than I had to so I packed my suitcases as much as I could, this meant they were super heavy (after the move, my arms felt like I had a hardcore session at the gym all week with how sore they were and all the callouses that formed on my palms). I borrowed the suitcase from my parents so luckily they were huge and had the capacity to fit in a lot, however it was only a 2 wheeler which meant I couldn't easily glide it across the ground.

My move in week was filled with many little bad moments such as getting lost trying to find the right train, not knowing how to use the bus, hard pouring rain and trying to find my way around the new area. When they all add up, especially when you are in a place so foreign, it is inevitable that it would get overwhelming.

I didn't know anybody, the nearest supermarket was a 50-minute bus ride away (the ones closer were smaller convenience stores which tend to be more expensive). I left everything which was familiar behind and was threw myself into this 9 to 5 office job which was the most alien thing to me.

The placement
spot me!
The first few weeks were daunting as I was given a role I have had no previous experience in prior. For the first few days, it was rather hectic and I was left alone with some reading materials for the most of it as everyone was so busy. When I started to learn more and understand people's conversations when they were talking business, it started to get more fun. One of the things I picked up on immediately was all the acronyms in marketing. So. Many. Acronyms.

The people really make or break your job, I believe. You could have your dream job in your pocket, but if you work with people who you hate and don't get along with, it'll make your dream job not so dreamy anymore. Similarly, you could have a crappy job that you don't enjoy, but if you have a team with good energy and you genuinely love to be around them, suddenly it's no longer such a crappy job. 

People at Tomorrow TTH are incredibly friendly, they don't treat me like a placement student and I feel like I have genuinely become a part of the time. They're patient and eager to teach me but they don't hand hold me through the tasks. I have mentors who are super encouraging and genuinely wants me to succeed. I know this placement will help me out immensely when I start looking for graduate jobs. I already have a number of marketing skills I can put on my CV already!

The new flat
One of the lucky things I managed to grasp was scoring a flat which was within walking distance from work. Granted, it was a half an hour walk but all my colleagues commute so much further and I live the closest. This means I'll never be late as I don't have to add the ever so reliable public transportation to the equation!

Regarding flatmates drama, it was the typical things of using my stuff without my permissions, putting it back in places they don't belong (I had to scrounge every single cupboard and draws to find my plates and teaspoon it was just annoying), using my milk, eating my food. With the money situation I am in, I could barely afford to feed myself and there were these people who were taking it without asking.

Long story short: I've moved into a new flat now but due to misunderstandings and miscommunications (my landlord could barely speak English and never communicated with me clearly about the minimum stay, notice period etc) so now I am paying two rents for the next two weeks.

The move to this new flat was easier though as it was only a 5-minute walk from my previous one. Plus I had Ash with me helping me move. This move was actually fun!

Flat 7 reunion
Flat 7 boiz
On the last weekend of July, my flatmates from university arranged a day out in central London. It was such a refreshing feeling to see them again after dealing with flatmate nightmares in London. Guess it's true when they say you don't realise how good you have it till it's gone (or something like that). They were honestly the best bunch of guys to live with and the best people all round in general.

It was a late birthday meet up for my and Chunfei's birthday (as we are both July babies). The flat got me a birthday present and treated me out for a meal, I was honestly not expecting anything and it was such a good day.

When we were having lunch at this cafe, we were having a nice laugh together and Harry said, "Ah, I miss the flat." I get that longing brah, I get it. Flat 7 made second year at university the best and if I could relive it all over again, I would.

The boyfriend
Tipsy selfie in the nicest pub
Since coming to London, I have had 3 weekends with Ash and it's been the best. The first one felt like it was what I needed the most, especially after with all the new things happening in my life after the initial move to London. It was good to have a sense of familiarity back again.

We were both undergoing major changes as he had recently graduated and also in his full-time job. So that first meeting after 5 weeks away from each other was like gulping down a gallon of cold water after a week in the dessert (cos we were both thirsty af for each other yano).

Two weeks ago I visited his home in Woking, saw his new flat, had a day out around town, got lost trying to find a coffee shop, and watched X-Men. Just the weekend gone, he had visited me again in Putney.

heart eyes for dreamy boyfriend

On Friday night, we had a cute homemade dinner at my previous flat then headed out to the local pub just up the road. Ash told me that on one occasion when he was watching a boxing match (you'll know the one) at the pub with his friend, he saw two old couple at the side having wine together and talking and they didn't care what was going on around them. He told me he had the longing thought of, "I want to do that with Gup." So we did; we set out to a pub, I had a cocktail and he had a beer. We shared a bottle of red for the rest of the night and talked.

One of the things Ash and I are incredible at is our communication. There's never a misunderstanding and we can talk about anything all night. Every conversation we have is stimulating and we're constantly learning about each other. And we don't get tired of hearing the same stories over and over either.

In our merry drunken state, we made our way back (got practically kicked out because the pub was closing aha), had a cute make-out session at a bus stop and talked about how much we meant to each other. It honestly felt like we were teenagers. We went to a park near my flat, it was pitch black at that point but that didn't stop us. We got on the swings, laughed our way through the night, and our deep talks from the pub continued with us. It was moments like that which made me feel so blessed and thankful, "Wow, I'm glad I didn't kill myself when I was 18."

where ya eyebrows bro
The next day we did my grocery shop which was surprisingly exhausting! It did take us 2 hours and we took 3 buses but my God, even we were surprised at how tired we were when we got back. We took a nap together before making our way to Victora and did all touristy things at BP!

When we got back that night we tried to continue our X-Men marathon but we knocked out ten minutes into the film. Then the next day on Sunday, we did my move together and he made his way back.

I'm finally getting settled over here now. London is definitely still lonely as I don't know anyone but I'm learning to embrace it. I don't know if anyone has even read it to this far, this post has been the longest one so far! Either you really care about me and how I've been or you're really just bored! Anyway, hope you enjoyed.

Until next time!

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