How I Save Money While Living In London

Life is expensive and it gets even pricier when it's an urban life. Comparing my life back in Loughborough - a quaint town in the Midlands - to London, there's a dramatic difference. I'm also not making bank while living here; I'm an intern who's still on probation so to survive living in the city, I have had to make money stretch a little further than I normally would.

There have been a few compromises in comfort but I'm not going to bed hungry nor do I feel deprived. Despite the prices in London being hiked up in comparison, it has not been a struggle surviving here so long as you're not living a luxurious life you can't afford. So today, I thought it'd be fun for me to share my tips and tricks on what I've been doing to save money in London!

Photo Diary | First Time In Brighton

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Prior to university, I've pretty much lived in Leeds my whole life and have never ventured further south than London. The desire to see more of the UK always existed at the back of my mind but it never happened; I wanted to see Cornwall, Bristol, and Brighton. Last weekend, I finally had the chance to visit Brighton! I thought I should make the most of me being in London see the places around here while I am here.