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Prior to university, I've pretty much lived in Leeds my whole life and have never ventured further south than London. The desire to see more of the UK always existed at the back of my mind but it never happened; I wanted to see Cornwall, Bristol, and Brighton. Last weekend, I finally had the chance to visit Brighton! I thought I should make the most of me being in London see the places around here while I am here. 

I took my camera out with me, snapped a few pics and recorded a few clips (though please mind my non-existent photography skills). I put the clips together and now have a vlog of that day up on my youtube channel which you can watch here. The dialogue in the video is pretty lacking, which is why I wanted to upload a blog as well.

The weekend started with me going straight to Ash's place after work. Getting the train in London at 6pm is no joke, really felt like I barely had the space to breathe. When I arrived at Woking, I was following the big crowd of people through the barriers at the station when my eye caught this really handsome fella looking at me by the entrance. Oh! That's my boyfriend! Aha, I hadn't expected him to meet me at the station so my mood was immediately lifted.  Then he handed me a bouquet of sunflowers which happens to be my favourite flowers. 

He said it was a little spontaneous pickup whilst he was doing his grocery shop before I arrived. We didn't have a vase at hand so we kept it in this bucket, did a good enough job for the weekend!

We had Dominos for dinner, Ash lives right on top of a Dominos how lucky is that? As we collected we got the 2-4-1 deal, score!

Peepin the sun
Train adventure!

That moment when people won't stop bumping into you

If you're looking at the tights and wondering what on earth I was thinking - I was prepared for chilly weather because we'd be by the seaside! That wasn't the case, the sun was hot and the sea was blue-green (not the muddy brown I was used to when it comes to beaches in the UK).

It also wasn't a sandy beach which we actually preferred. As soon as you touch sand it just stays with you forever. We spent a good half hour - if not more - going through the stones and picking out our favourites. Mine was the smooth round ones which I said looked like baby dinosaur eggs, Ash's were "smooth" but edgy ones which looked like "caramel."

A very fab day with the sun glistening on the sea.

Stumbled across the Royal Pavilion as we got lost looking for Fish & Chips which didn't cost a morgage

We stuck around for the sunset which was quite underwhelming

Spot Ash

Yas we were those tourists that asked a stranger to take our photo, no shame!
I don't know what was so funny. The place I was standing at stank of piss lol

Overall, good day out 10/10 would recommend. We didn't stray too far from the pier as we wanted to make the most of the weather. Enjoyed ourselves at the arcade, found £2 and won a lot of prizes on the 2p machines. Then we got a little too into it and used 50p more of our own money because we were so close to winning a bag of 2ps!

It was good timing as we had a nice day out by the seaside on Saturday, then it was rainy on Sunday so it made a chill day so much nicer.

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