Pumpkin Patch at Crockford Bridge Farm

Pumpkin patches were always a bit of an American thing - much like Halloween itself. But as we continue to do everything the Americans do such as Black Friday, it was a given pumpkin patches were going to catch on.

So, rather than hopping to the nearest supermarket and getting a generic pumpkin, I wanted to make a whole date out of it and looked for the neared pumpkin patch near me which happens to be Crockford Bridge Farm.

Learning To Love Again After A Heartbreak

The story of your first love's heartbreak is well-known: one day you meet someone who makes you do silly things like thinking forever exists, you feel inexplicably drawn to this person and convince yourself you would never feel this way about anyone else. You give them your heart with full trust, believing they'd always have your best interest and always love you on your ugliest days.

And then, with time, you start to justify the pain and suffering in the name of "love" and the nagging thought that you'd never love anyone else the same way again starts to appear.