Pumpkin Patch at Crockford Bridge Farm

Pumpkin patches were always a bit of an American thing - much like Halloween itself. But as we continue to do everything the Americans do such as Black Friday, it was a given pumpkin patches were going to catch on.

So, rather than hopping to the nearest supermarket and getting a generic pumpkin, I wanted to make a whole date out of it and looked for the neared pumpkin patch near me which happens to be Crockford Bridge Farm.

These pumpkins are for display so we couldn't actually pick one from here. But it shows the variety that they offer; munchkins, giant pumpkins, whites, greens, and ones full of warts!

Plus, pumpkin pie recipe for all the leftover pumpkin meat you might have.

Funniest looking strawberry field ever

Whilst the farm does have a patch of pumpkins, you can't actually pick one from the lot as some of them have their stems attached and are still growing. They transport it to an area by crates where we can make our selection, which was still fun to browse through. Plus, we still had a chance to go into the patch and have a good look around!

Here we have Ash with one giant pumpkin! Very tempting, but seeing as how we struggled walking back from our bus stop home with the pumpkins we picked (which were much more average-sized) I'm not sure how we would've managed if we went ahead and picked one of the colossal ones.

Here's me with a big pumpkin of my own which I fell in love with. I know I'm macho af so I make carrying one of these look effortless but, my god, they were so heavy! Really struggled to get it up (which is why I look so happy when I finally did) and by the time I settled it back down my arms were achy.

So big!

Despite being completely enamoured by these giant pumpkins, I came to a farm because I wanted to get a cool looking one! I remember seeing an episode of Recess where Spinelli went to a pumpkin patch with her parents and she wanted a freaky looking pumpkin to make the scariest Jack-O'-Lantern ever. 

She went through the patch, dismissing each pumpkin for being either:
  • too round
  • too cute
  • too pretty or
  • too smooth
Which is what most pumpkins are like in supermarkets! Plus, for transportation and space purposes, their stalks are always cut short. Which is a shame as I like the details of pumpkins like their curly stalks - plus they make good handles!

I had to do some deep digging to find this episode and get this screenshot!
She finds this really ugly looking pumpkin and she loved it. The image of this pumpkin which is pretty much made up of warts and shaped really odd has always stuck with me. I wanted to find my own warty pumpkin!

They definitely had some full-on mega warts at the farm and I was super tempted and fell in love with many. However, there was a concern that we may struggle to carve with it so I had to compromise my wishes to get some with warts but perhaps not as awesome-looking as the one Spinelli managed to find.

We picked out the pumpkins; the baby, the mum, and the dad. Price left to right: £1.95, £4.95, and £5.95. The prices are marked clearly at the bottom of each pumpkin so you won't be lost wondering around about how much they cost.

Mine is the dad - the biggest one.Ash is the middle one. We (me) wanted to give our pumpkins a family so we got a baby one. We made sure the baby was warty too just so we all look related.

Gotta get a photo together before the day ends!

It was a really fun day out. Crockford Bridge Farm is definitely a family kind of place. I felt like a little kid again with all these bright orange giant pumpkins around me of all shapes! 

Crockford Bridge is a Pick-Your-Own farm so we will for sure be coming back when it's in season for some strawberries and raspberries!

Click here to go to view their website and see all they have to offer.

Our final product! As we were completely burned out from carrying the pumpkins home, we decided to have dinner first with a movie before getting to work. And my oh my was it hard work. By the ends of it, Ash's knived were bents and their paintwork was faded.

When I say the pumpkins literally felt like it was made out of rock I mean they literally felt like they were made out of rock. Giving it a knock with my knuckles hurt and felt like it was going to bruise. At one point, I was convinced they weren't even real pumpkins because they were so tough aha.

In the end we got there, though. Mine is the one on the left! Ash started slicing through the bottom of the mouth and forgot about the teeth that's why it doesn't have any bottom teeth! We physically couldn't carve into the baby pumpkin so it's currently just sitting at the kitchen windown sill looking cute.

Hope you enjoyed this photo diary and that you have a great October!

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