Boux Avenue Black Friday Haul

source: anoushkaloves

One of the most exciting things about winter is stocking up on fleece pyjamas and fuzzy slippers to keep those toes warm! I remember, as a kid, I used to receive lots of packs of warm-fleece pyjamas from uncles and aunties during Christmas time and hating it. Now, it's all I ever want!

I'm moving soon (exciting announcement soon to come!) which will be the 3rd time moving for me since June alone, however it will be the first time where bills aren't included so I'll have to conserve the heat a little bit more during the colder days. I've always preferred being drowned in warm blankets and a hot mug of coffee in a cold room rather than having the heater blasting, so I set out on a quest to get myself some winter survival kit.

Boux Avenue is doing a Black Friday deal offering 25% site wide and 50% on selected nightwear and lingerie so I thought there was no better time to make my winter survival kit purchase. Plus, Topcashback was offering a 10% cashback on top of the deal!

Unfortunately, the photos I've taken aren't very good nor do I have many as I am between places right now so I'm currently in an adjustment period.