How I Whiten My Teeth

I didn't realise my teeth were anything special until I received a few comments from friends and family about how white my teeth were and wanting to know how I got it to look that way.

"Your teeth are so white, are they real?"

"How did you get your teeth so white?"

It was definitely a big confidence boost as I have had issues with the way my teeth looked for a long time before I had braces. It's really easy so I wanted to share - you don't have to cough up loads of money to have a nice grill!

Teeth whitening was a part of my orthodontic treatment for my braces; when I was given my plastic retainers I was also given a box of 4 syringes of whitening gel which I put into my retainers every night.

The whitening gel contained 10% Carbamide Peroxide (Hydrogen Peroxide). Carbamide Peroxide is pretty much the same bleaching agent as Hydrogen Peroxide which whitens teeth. It has a 1:3 ratio which means for every 30% of CP there is a 10% HP. 

The strength of it determines how long you can keep it on your teeth for, mine was ok to wear overnight but if you buy any stronger ones please make sure to read instructions and don't wear it for longer than recommended - it will not whiten your teeth anymore or any faster, it will only ruin your teeth and make it very sensitive.  

If you want to learn more about Carbamide Peroxide and the different strength and how long you can keep it on your teeth for, please check out this page as it tells you everything you need to know. 

How to get these without paying thousands at the dentist
This particular whitening gel can only be purchased online if you are a professional dentist, so when I ran out I started to look for other alternatives to maintain the way my teeth look and bought Colgate Optic Teeth Whitening Gels (4 syringes) here for £60. 

You can also make a purchase and if you have the plastic retainers which you still use post braces, you can squeeze tiny drops onto each tooth mould and after about 3 weeks you should start noticing a difference.

However, if you do not have retainers, you could buy the mouldable mouth guard online for about £3 which look like these: 

You simply put them in hot water, let it soften, then put it into your mouth and bite and let it take the shape of your teeth. These will not be as comfortable as the professionally made retainers, however if you buy a stronger whitening gel, you can use the gels with these guards and sit with them in your mouth for a few hours when you have some free time e.g. the period between breakfast and lunch, or after dinner but before bedtime on a day where you don't have work. 

Please find below other things I do to maintain my teeth which you can do every day:

Use an electric toothbrush
It could be a personal issue but I don't feel a manual toothbrush cleans my teeth as well as an electric toothbrush does. It's also the better method, I believe, to keep the plaque away!

Buy toothpaste with whitening agents
A lot of whitening toothpaste claim to do magic but don't actually contain any whitening ingredients (Hydrogen Peroxide). I know some Colgate ones contain hydrogen peroxide but they are quite pricey, my favourite one is the UV Pro Whitening which costs £1.50 at Wilko

Rinse your mouth after coffee
I don't actually know if this makes much of a difference but I'm so conscious of the effects of certain drinks on your teeth I'm now a bit anal about it. I drink most cold drinks with a straw and after I have a coffee, I go to drink water and just swish it around my mouth just so the drink doesn't stick to my teeth all day.

I'm including a photo of me to show the current state of my teeth without filter or fancy lighting (please note the shade of someone's teeth also depends hugely on the lighting - I've had mine whitened and they look good but even they don't look white when sunlight is shining directly on it. If you see photos where people have pearly whites even when under such yellow lighting then they've obviously just whitened it digitally!)

This is it for me today, hope it helped!


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